Pro Aimals Finland (PAFi) in a nutshell

Pro Animals Finland (PAFi), registered association founded in Autumn 2005. Before founding PAFi, the president Kiia-Maria Vasko did background work several months eg. being contact with tens of organizations in Romania and choosing the first co-operation partner (whom we are going to help) as well as brighten the project concept of our association. Our aim is to reach the local and global change of society, and intention to assure for the future generations better activity possibilities also in animal protection field.

The co-operation partner of PAFi is a small animal protection association, Pro Animals Romania (PAR) located in Targu-Jiu city (Gorj county). PAR is the only association handling animal welfare issues in Gorj county and have their private shelter for about 800 homeless dogs.
We found immediately the “common melody” concerning the guidelines of our activities. The co-operation with PAFi and PAR is based on local level and it means that Pro Animals Romania deals the practical part of common strategies and issues in their community, because they know the best their culture and procedure system. The role of Pro Animals Finland is to give consultative and financial help.

Our long term destination is very challenging and we hope that one day Pro Animals Romania is able to co-operate with the local authorities and citizens and together with them solve the problems concerning animal protection issues as well as improve the welfare of the society so that meaning of animals will be respected as a part of bigger scheme.

The stray dog problem in Romania is very difficult and solving is takes a lot of efforts. The ways to solution must be humane and the wide level spay/neuter -programs with education are the keys.
Spaying and neutering a single pair of unsterilized cats or dogs will literally save the lives of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies in just a few years.

Since October 2014 we have been able to organize continuous Neuter & Spay -campaigns at the shelter clinic of Pro Animals Romania and on the premises of local vet clinic. Over 3500 pets (dogs and cats) of poor people have been already neutered/spayed. We hope that this very important key to prevent unwanted litters to be born will get a worldwide support.

Some photos of the Neuter & Spay campaigns in Tg-Jiu
Campaigns at the premises of Pro Animals Romania 2014-2015
Campaings at the premises of local vet in Tg-Jiu2016
Campaigns at the premises of local vet in Tg-Jiu 2017

Sponsored mobile clinic for neuter & spay campaigns

Our motto: Neuter & Spay today – No more Stray tomorrow! 
Contact details: Kiia-Maria Vasko, kiia.vasko(at)

The problems started in the 1980's when dictator Nicolae Ceausescu aimed to industrialize Romania; people were forced to leave the countryside and move into the cities. At that point animals were abandoned on the streets. The dogs obviously reproduced rapidly and soon the streets were filled with homeless dogs and their puppies.
For over 20 years, the trap-and-kill- policy has taken place. Whether its done legally or behind closed doors, there has been no visible improvements when it comes to the number of strays. On the contrary, trap-and-kill not only does not work but has enormous costs. Animals are brutally massacred and financial resources lost without any true benefit
of doing so.
Until 2014 there were no animal protection law in Romania. In 2008 it became illegal to put down healthy dogs which was a breakthrough, however, this still is being implemented mostly in theory. It became a crime to abuse animals according to the law but in reality old habits die hard. Authorities or other instances alike are hardly ever
prosecuted of animal cruelty or mass poisonings, sadly common people either. If the authorities don’t reinforce the law, the law is no good.
In September 2013 an unfortunate event set a crucial change in law in motion. Stray dog massacres and mass hysteria took place again following acts of cruelty against homeless dogs as ”a means to protect children”.  In 2014 the law was changed but as being incomplete, it cannot be applied.
Catching, transporting and killing dogs is illegal in theory, but in reality, dogs are still caught and transported daily into state pounds across Romania to be killed in many, also inhumane ways. Without sustainable means the animal population will keep on growing and dogs are abandoned, the problem will stay in the community. This creates a circle of never ending suffering.